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About Pythor Comics
Pythor Comics is an independent publisher of original comic books created by artist Mikey Artelle. The books are published in Ottawa, ON Canada.

Vision Statement 
The goal for Pythor Comics is to present Canadian themed stories and characters that are suitable for a family audience, including teens and adults. The comics proudly feature gay characters in leading roles therefore providing gay youth with a positive reflection of themselves in popular culture.

Pythor Comics creator Mikey Artelle and a fuzzy pink unicorn. :)

About Mikey Artelle (he/him)
In addition to writing, illustrating and self-publishing comic books for Pythor Comics Mikey has been active as a puppeteer and puppet maker since 1987. In 2003 he completed an independently produced documentary about Ottawa puppeteer John Conway, creator of the very first puppet characters to be seen on English Canadian TV. Mikey's hobbies include collecting vintage toys (such as the classic 8 inch Mego superhero dolls) and maintaining several blogs including Mikey's Muppet Memorabilia Museum which he began in 1997. Mikey's is also very proud to be gay and has presented a series of monthly art workshops for guys into guys at MAX Ottawa as a social program to promote mental heath.

Contact Pythor Comics

E-mail Mikey Artelle at: mikey@pythorcomics.ca

Pythor Comics is located in Ottawa, ON Canada.

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